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Breakfast At Tiffanys Ebook Pdf Download (April-2022)




In my twenties, I lived in Brooklyn and then in Washington Heights. When I moved into my first studio apartment in the East Village, I held a self-portrait of myself in the kitchen looking through a window at the store across the street, where I worked. I was intrigued by the identity that emerges in the fog of passing time. When I turned the corner, I was always surprised by how much I could see through the windows. There was always something to see: another person, an angle, a blur. I felt that I could see life going on, that I could see what is happening on the other side of the glass, if only I were a little closer. There is a photograph of me in my twenties in a room with colorless walls that looks like an insurance office. I had just lost my virginity and I was sitting on the floor with my head in my hands. There is a knock at the door. I step out of the frame to answer. It is my boyfriend. He is holding a brown paper bag and he is carrying a bottle of wine. He is surprised to see me. He nods his head in the direction of the wine. I tell him it's for me. I turn my head away, but I know that he has seen the beaded wound of my body. I take the bottle and I can smell the wine, a dark and rich smell. I feel like I'm holding my last breath. I call to the people in the photograph. They look at each other and I can tell that they are not pleased to see me. I remember a funny moment in the kitchen when I stood on a chair and drank wine from the bottle. I was in that room for a long time, long enough for some of the wine to stain the glass and the floor. I could see the top of the bottle and the dark liquid just below the lip, but the rest of the glass was opaque. I called to the people. No one seemed to be in a hurry to help me. My lover is concerned. He can't help me. We have never had a bathroom in the building and I'm obviously drunk. What am I doing? I asked the people. It's an easy question to ask. No one answers. I ask again and, finally, someone laughs. I feel like I am in a cartoon. I ask the people why I have been left on my own. They say it's the last time. They are going to turn out the lights. They



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Breakfast At Tiffanys Ebook Pdf Download (April-2022)

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